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PersonalBrain™ software has greatly expanded my ability to organize my thoughts. I’d go as far to say that it allows me to make better use of my brain!

As a tool to organize a lot of material for a presentation, TheBrain is fantastic! Quickly grab web pages, images, quotes, and thoughts. I’m telling you, this makes preparing an important presentation a breeze!

I use this software every day to organize presentations and projects. In a click I can find that great quote I’ve saved—even if I don’t remember where I saved it or how I saved it! Wowza, there’s a time saver.

More About TheBrain™

Organize Large Amounts of Information with this Free Tool from ChrisReich.org

Here’s something very cool! Try the demo, if you like it, buy it. It’s really a deal. And if you like it but money is a little tight, keep it. You can use the demo version for free, forever with just a few minor limitations. I’ll say this, the free version is so good that it will save you hours per week and make you more productive—if you use it!

Hint: The free version works to organize thoughts and that is the most important step in building a great presentation. It might all you need. The paid version will pay for itself in a week.

So do it! Click the link below and get started with this incredible presentation organization tool. You know what? Sometimes I don’t even use PowerPoint. I can deliver a great presentation using TheBrain and so can you. Try it.

Try a Demo of TheBrain™ now!

TheBrain is a trademark of TheBrain Technologies LP. Used with permission.

NOTE! I recently switched to IMind Map. It’s quicker to use and therefore more productive for me. I find myself using fewer features but getting more done. If you want a tool that can help focus thinking and planning, IMind Map is the better tool.

Try the demo version

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You’ll love this program so much you’ll want to buy it to open up even more features! This program helps me organize data for hundreds of clients. It also helps me keep all my businesses operating smoothly! Great software. Even the free version is excellent! Give it a try!