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24 Business Presentation Tips

For Professionals Like You

The 24 Presentation TipsĀ  from Your Audience

(Follow these presentation tips and get the results you want from even a tough audience)

  1. Get audience agreement early in your presentation
  2. Don’t bore me (Be interesting)
  3. Don’t make me read while you talk (Few words /slide in non-sentence form)
  4. Don’t use a Built-in PowerPoint “template” (I can show you how to create your own easily)
  5. Don’t over-use bullet points (They have a specific purpose)
  6. Don’t put too many words on a slide; fewer words are better
  7. Don’t make me dizzy with silly slide transitions
  8. Don’t exceed the time allotted
  9. Don’t take more time than necessary (not 1 second)
  10. Don’t make a presentation without a clear objective (Be precise)
  11. Don’t include slides that do not lead toward the objective (No nonsense)
  12. Don’t use words or phrases that will trigger negative comments or questions (Guide the dialogue)
  13. Don’t leave anything open-ended; Address things before you are asked (Anticipate!)
  14. Don’t use animations just because you’ve figured out how (Dancing baloney)
  15. Don’t use “clip art” or poor resolution images (Stay thematic, use quality images)
  16. Don’t have more slides than necessary but don’t cram too much on a slide (Break big items down)
  17. Don’t put anything on a slide that would be easier for me to read on paper (Handouts as necessary)
  18. Don’t give me a printout of your slides in advance (Give AFTER presenting)
  19. Don’t reuse a presentation that didn’t go well before (Duh!)
  20. Don’t think about what to cover; Think about what to accomplish
  21. Don’t use wild colors or crazy fonts
  22. Don’t read slides; Talk to your audience
  23. Don’t end by asking for questions. Ask for questions, then end on a key point.
  24. Don’t start working on your presentation in PowerPoint, start with paper

The Things to Do

  • DO consider the audience FIRST when creating a presentation
  • DO give me the information I need (Tell me the point, don’t make me guess)
  • DO get to the point (I can only retain so much)
  • DO provide complex data in written form (Make a handout if needed)
  • DO use attractive images to contribute to your point (NEVER clip art)
  • DO convince me (BE PERSUASIVE)
  • DO make clear graphs so I don’t have to figure them out

KEY: Follow these presentation tips and you will see results.

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* There are times you will be required to use the company template. There are times you will have to present a list of very dry data. A quarterly report is, after all, a quarterly report.

Still, there are better ways than using slide after slide of bullet points and bad graphs. There are better ways to present a graph than 24 blue bars.

No matter how many constraints are placed on your presentation, we can improve it.


Chris Reich, Business Presentation Designer

Sure, there are times when you have to follow company rules. There may be a required template. There may be a total number of slides you can use. Follow those rules if required. But don’t be afraid to be brave. No dancing baloney allowed but sometimes there might be a better way to make a point than a simple bar chart. Do it. I’ve never seen anyone get in trouble for doing something smart. Not goofy or tacky, smart.

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