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Chris Reich Has the Business Experience to Help You

Your Next Presentation Will Be Your Best Ever

Business Experience Matters

Here’s the bottom line: Most presentation services lack real front-line business experience. If you want to work with someone who understands the constraints and pressures of business presentation, look no further. I own five businesses and am a sought after speaker on subjects ranging from marketing to physics. I understand the pressure to deliver a great presentation. I have worked with CEOs and have been a CEO myself. I know what management wants and expects from your business presentation.


I teach presentation and have developed a very successful presentation method based on Game Theory. Why Game Theory? Because it works.

Getting the results you want from your presentation isn’t going to come from how pretty your slides are. Results come from what you present and how you present it. Sure, you want it to look great but ‘prettiness’ can’t be the focus.

I have helped clients like you make millions of dollars on important presentations. I have helped clients present KPIs and quarterly reports in ways which helped them control the conversation. I’ve helped people get top level jobs and secure big contracts.

If you would like someone who understands business to help prepare your important presentation, call me now.

(530) 467-5690  or email: Chris@ChrisReich.org


Business Presentation Production

Short on time? Not sure where to start? Have other pressing matters on your plate?

No problem. You can send me your data for review. After we discuss the goals and constraints, I’ll work up a first draft. We will review together and tune it together. You will have a complete set of slides on-time, every time.

All work performed in very strict confidentiality.

Presentation Tuning

If your presentation is ‘roughed out’ but you need someone with business experience to polish and complete it, call me.

I’m ready to go to work immediately in most cases. Fine-tuning and completing your important business presentation will be treated with confidentiality and priority.

You’ll end up with a great looking presentation. I’ll help you avoid the swamp where the difficult questions pop up by tuning the language to meet your goals.


Presentation Review & Suggest

Your presentation is built but you’d like a  review by an objective presentation professional? Perfect.

I not only assist business professionals with the building of effective presentations, I teach presentation as well.

We can go through your presentation together and identify potential problems or places where improvements can be made.

Why not accept a free review?