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Don't Add Dancing Baloney to Your Presentations!

Avoid Dancing Baloney!

I seldom use transitions. When I see presentations with slides flipping in, rotating and checker-boarding in and out, I feel ill. Why do some people insist that it “breaks things up”? It breaks things. Agreed.

You can use “builds” where appropriate. That’s having a bullet list appear one item at a time. That can help you control the flow. If 10 items pop up, people start reading. If you are explaining a series of steps, it’s better to have them appear one at a time. But I wouldn’t have them bouncing in. The goal is not to give everyone motion sickness!

There is a place for these tools but they are over used.

Just because you figure out how doesn’t mean you should.

In presentation, less is almost always more. If you need action, incorporate a video.

Chris Reich, Presentation Services