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The right sales presentation could put a lot of money in your pocket. You can improve the results of your sales presentations with a little inside knowledge. I can teach you the strategy behind the power presentations. It works and you can learn it. 

Sales Presentation Tips:

The most important sales tip you’ll ever read: Sales are made on emotion and then justified by reason. Spending all your effort on facts about why someone should buy is a not nearly as effective as working to gain trust and confidence from your prospect. They buy you, not your list of features and benefits. A great sales presentation puts more emphasis on the customer than on the product being sold.

Understand the customer and adjust accordingly. Most sales presentations are repeated over and over regardless of the audience. Tried and true is really tired and blue. For a sales presentation to be effective, it must be tailored to each audience. Management looks for different things than field personnel. Different companies have different needs. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to sales presentations. Great sales presentations change a little from situation to situation. Design your presentation to be flexible.

Keep it short. No one enjoys a sales pitch. Include the barest minimum of information necessary to get the sale. Not everyone is interested in every feature of your offering. Most buyers are looking for one or two key points to justify their decision. Understand those points in advance and address them. Great sales presentations address the emotional issues. No one wants to be responsible for making a bad choice. A great sales presentation conveys “this is the right choice and it’s safe.”

Make the presentation about them, not you. Buyers want to know how your offering will benefit them —not how wonderful you and your offering are. (Example: [Bad] “I have 25 years of experience.”  [Good] “Through my 25 years of experience I’ve learned what will work for you.”) Great sales presentations turn all the “MEs” into “YOUs”!

Be flexible. If your audience signals that they like your message, don’t be afraid to stop the presentation and ask if they would like to do business. Be ready to move to the next point at any time. A great sales presentation can end at any moment without seeming abrupt. There is an art to that. Do you know how?

Don’t use pressure tactics! No one likes to be pressured. Your presentation should build trust; not apply pressure. Lines like, “What will it take to do business today” will only make your prospect uncomfortable. Build trust, not pressure. Great sales presentations make the audience comfortable and not defensive.

Be smart. Consider the level of your audience and speak to that level. The CEO won’t care about AMPs or wire gauge or other vague technical specs. She wants to see a return on investment. The field engineer wants specifications. If the audience is mixed, include a little information that will appeal to each attendee. Great sales presentations help people understand what they need to know, not impress them with what you know.

Give examples of success. Tell your audience about the success others have had with your offering (product or service). Be as specific as allowable without violating non-disclosure agreements. Great sales presentations include stories. Can you tell a success story to enhance your sales presentation? I once worked with a group who didn’t think that was important until they tried it. Bam! Money in the bank.

Use technique! Game Theory* might help you close the big deal. It has helped me. Read a book or take a class on strategic thinking or executive decision making. The more you learn, the more effective you will be. Great sales presentations use current thinking technology. You think books like “Blink” “Black Swan” “The Tipping Point” Permission Marketing” or “Good to Great” are just fads? Hardly. I  guarantee that Game Theory will improve your sales presentation results.

Employ these tips in your next sales presentation and you will improve your sales closing rate.

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