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The TeachU Family of Companies

Owned and Operated by Chris Reich

TeachU.com  Expert business consulting services at a very affordable price based on the return on investment! That makes the true cost zero, zip, nada, FREE. If the advice produces more than it costs, isn’t it worth it?

BizPhyz.com  Looking for a business speaker to excite and motivate your people? Chris Reich is available to speak at your business event! Chris uses entertaining examples from physics to present business ideas. Motivate and stimulate the thinking at your business by having Chris Reich speak at your company event or meeting.

TeachUPresentation.com  TeachUPresentation.com is home to the specially developed presentation training program guaranteed to improve your presentation results. This executive presentation class is taught at your business and includes many extras such as time to work with Chris Reich privately on presentations already created. TeachUPresentation.com offers private, executive presentation training as well.

MedicalPresentationHelp.com   If you have a medical presentation to prepare and would like help to save time, visit MedicalPresentationHelp.com. This service, working only with medical presentations, can make your medical presentation flow smoothly without being too dry or dull. Learn to present technical data clearly.

PresentationAide.com  This is a great service if you need a little help with a presentation. Have your presentation reviewed by a pro and get feedback to help you win your point! You provide the slides, we provide the guidance.

InnisfreeRanch.com  InnisfreeRanch.com is home to Innisfree Ranch Coffee! This site is dedicated to making The United States a better place too. We believe we must bring ethics back to our country. We must rebuild our industrial base. Yes, we can make I-Pods here in the United States, right? And, most importantly for our future, we must fix our broken education system. Visit InnisfreeRanch.com and give us your thoughts. If you buy coffee you’re supporting our work. Please support the joining together of all Americans and get our country back on track before it’s too late.

SeeIntoSpace.com  SeeIntoSpace.com is a free site where kids of all ages can learn about astronomy and especially the sun (Heliophysics). We offer telescope equipment in order to fund free work we do. There is no obligation to buy anything. But if you want to learn about the sun, maybe even observe the sun safely through a telescope, visit SeeIntoSpace.com! It’s all FREE.